15 Facts About Me

I’m not very talkative on my blog and I figured I should at least post a “15 Facts About Me” post. So let’s begin! :)

1. I hate leaving the house without any makeup, or at least concealer and mascara. Because without it, I don’t feel complete!


2. I tend to run fashionably late… I don’t do it on purpose. For some reason, I just can never be on time. ;.; 


3. My life is a constant struggle. I have a hard time comprehending what others are saying… because I actually have really, really bad hearing


4. I love to dance but when I dance, I tend to look like this…

Party Harder

5. Growing up, I was never comfortable with my smile because I had literally an open bite (not even an over/under bite), crooked teeth, and calcium deficiency (so uncontrollable discoloration). To this day, I am still learning to smile with my newly straightened, whitened teeth.


6. I uncontrollably talk about random things when I don’t know what to say… It’s quite embarrassing and really annoying. Yes I find myself annoying sometimes.


7. When I get frustrated and want to give up, I usually choose give up :P

John Wayne is sick of your shit

8. I can be quite arrogant sometimes and totally block the person out by raising my voice and repeating a word over and over.

Shut Up!

Yeah I know, thats a bad trait but


9. I think cats are super duper adorable but unfortunately I’m allergic to them :(


10. When I flirt, I tend to be super awkward and embarrass myself. Like trip walking up the stairs or just casually sitting, but slipping mid lean. But sometimes it works in my favor. 


I know, hard to believe right 


11. When I shop, I have an unbelievably hard time on deciding which color or style to buy. It usually takes me at least an hour to choose. 


12. I can’t cook. My pancakes are cooked on the outside and gooey on the inside! 

microwave failure

13. I hate eating raw cookie dough or anything sweet. I hate whip cream and frosting :\ It’s just too sweet 

I Don't Get It

14. I’m extremely addicted to spicy food. I need all my food to be spicy. I have even gone to add ghost pepper to most of the food I eat. :P

Fry Shake

15. I can be derpy sometimes and go off in my own little world. It can weird people out.

Just Gonna Roll Away Now